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Energy Work:

30 minute sessions are $40.0

45 minute sessions are $50.00

Psychic Readings:

30 minute sessions are $30.00

60 minute sessions are $60.00


WEDDINGS with Brenda:

The price includes pre-wedding talks and planning: $250.00

For energy work along with two sessions for each: $200.00


Paranormal consultation is usually free.  If you want a written report, a small fee will be charged. ($10-$20.00)

Always free work for police.

Email or call for appointment ahead of time: 206-455-0411

Psychic  and Medium – as a tested and certified psychic and medium, Brenda works through multiple dimensions of spiritual support and help.   Feel free to bring pictures or objects.  Ask questions about genealogy.   She is also a physical intuitive for body support and awareness.  These services are now available via skype.   You may pay ahead via paypal or I can take your credit card info for the skype session.   Minimum of 30 minutes for $30.00 or $1 per minute.  Input for police work is free.  I will only deal with giving them the info;  it will not go to a citizen.   Gift certificates available and mailed for you for free.   Brenda accepts paypal, credit cards, or cash.

Contact me for more information or to setup and appointment.

As an Energy Worker, she can give you more information or hands-on energy support and balancing. See the brochure for more information.

Home visits are available within driving distance. Long distance work may be available determined by the individual situation.

Get an Energy Reading for your home or office. Paranormal consultations are free. If you want a written summary report, there will be a charge. There will be a charge for driving distance over five miles. Home or office integration for better environmental energy support is available for a nominal fee.

Gift certificates are available. Consider them for birthdays or anniversaries. Readings can be done and sent to your loved one from names (first) and birth dates with picture or photo copies of palm prints and hands. Call about other long distance possibilities.

She is available for home or office balancing or energy team activities. Gatherings, Circles and Starfish groups are also possible settings for fun and enrichment.

Rev. Brenda Asterino can perform weddings, funerals, or special ceremonies. She also networks with others with specific talents who can present a panel of information with opportunities to answer questions on almost any topic.  Now accepting credit cards as well.

YOUR SPECIAL GATHERING OR GROUP:  Would you like a panel presentation on a specific esoteric subject or on some research in this arena?   Would you like a combination of social issues and psychic input or spiritual principles in regard to this topic?   Call me via phone or skype phone.

If you do not feel an appreciable change of well-being or bodily usefulness after three sessions, it is likely you should move on to someone else or another type of discipline. Feel free to ask questions and ask for ways you can help yourself.

This can be included in your three sessions for transition, increase in bodily comfort or well-being, or for changes in function-ability.  It is your response-ability to ask questions and  ask for explanations.

Free Energy Work

Spirit Led energy technique. I would like to get documentation from clients on a specific energy technique that is spirit led after many years of studying energy work. Please contact me at 206-455-0411. It is free in exchange for your documentation of your experience.   Sessions are held in Kent. Please call me for an appointment time and place.


ENERGY WORK does not take the place of your desired medical or holistic health care practitioner.   It does not take the place of any medications, prescriptions, therapies, or like approaches.    Energy work should help make these approaches work better or be easier on your system as it balances your energy system and supports a better flow of energy throughout your body.  Suggestions by your energy practitioner to other disciplines will help you maintain this flow and balance.